The Name Is Drew B Meyer! I'm A Designer, Creative, & Explorer.

I am obsessed with images, print, branding, products, and good design. I studied at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga which has allowed me to grow as a designer and build a strong eye and understanding for design. I have a strong desire to continue learning and expand my crafts. I have experience with print, web, video, sound, photography, product design, and branding. I am Interested in pushing the possibilities of these formats not only individually, but also by combining them together and seeing the outcome.

My Skills


Product Development

Product Design

Brand Development

Quick Learner

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Indesign CC

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere CC 

Growing Skills


Adobe Fireworks CC

Adobe Muse CC

UI / UX Design

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Let's Talk!

If you looking for a designer, new employee, or just need to talk about your feelings; I am here to listen & help!